Customized Ceremonies

One of the most satisfying aspects of my service is translating a couple’s ideas and dreams for their wedding day into a well-crafted and memorable ceremony.  Most people know how they want their ceremony to feel (romantic, casual, sophisticated, formal or relaxed) but often, are not quite sure how to get there.  That’s where I come in.

The ceremony includes a number of components and is designed to reflect you as a couple and one that will be remembered fondly for years to come.  There are no rules as to how your ceremony has to be and may include all of the ideas below, or only a few.  Remember, each ceremony is tailored to all of my couples.

Invocation/Greeting ~ An opening prayer invoking a religious or spiritual presence, or a non-religious welcome to those gathered in attendance.

Declaration of Intent ~ A declaration of free will and intent made by the couple to their guests.

Remembrances and Acknowledgements ~ Special words or symbols to pay tribute to those who cannot attend your ceremony.

Reading ~ A reading can be a more traditional wedding poem or religious reading, an excerpt from a favorite book, or even lyrics from a significant song.

Declaration of Support ~ A way for your guests to pledge their support of your marriage.

Marriage Address ~ The role of marriage in your lives.

Vows ~ Your pledge to one another. They can be traditional, unique, or a combination of both – they can be written by you or taken from another place of inspiration.  I am happy to help with this part!

 Rings ~ The exchange of your wedding bands introduced by words that describe the symbolism of the rings.

Unity Ceremony ~ There are many unique ‘additions which can be added to further symbolize and celebrate your union.

 Final Blessing or Prayer ~ Good wishes to you as you begin your marriage. This can be either religious or non-religious.

 Pronouncement ~ I officially pronounce that you are married!

 Your ceremony, created within the framework we construct, will be focused on your love… your way!