The Importance of Being Present

One of the most important elements in any wedding ceremony is whether the couple are mentally, emotionally and spiritually present on their special day.  Quite often, people allow excessive nervousness to get in the way of being truly present at their own ceremonies.  They are there physically, but distracted by their own nervousness or by other details of the day.  As your wedding day approaches, try to include ways to relieve stress and experience this wonderful moment fully…don’t worry about the big things, since everything seems BIG on your wedding day!  You’ve hired competent people you trust to do their jobs.  Let them do their jobs.  Then be confident that they will do a good job, including handling any snags.

I like to think that I conduct weddings rather than perform them and work with the people you’ve hired.  You can simply be present for one another for the half hour or so that it takes to be married on your special day!