Planning, Options and Choices – Oh My!

Your perfect officiant should be able to offer you many options when planning your ceremony. You don’t want them to perform the exact same ceremony that they have at hundreds of other weddings. Every couple is unique and deserves to have a unique ceremony.  Make sure your officiant is open to making changes and giving you options for different types of vows, readings and ring exchanges.

At the end of the day, you should feel like your wedding officiant is a member of your team who really “gets you.”  If you’re a funny, quirky couple, your officiant should be able to incorporate that into your ceremony. Your wedding officiant should be able to represent you as a couple so well that guests might wonder if the officiant has known you your entire lives. When you choose this officiant, you should feel 100% confident not that they will just “get the job done” but that they will create an amazing ceremony that’s perfect just for you.