Personal Reflections

It is my commitment to make you feel as comfortable, relaxed and present as possible. What’s important is you – your experience.  I do everything I can to diffuse any anxiety and nervousness, so typically, by the time you get to your vows, you are comfortable and present and not feeling worried at all.

Presiding over your ceremony has nothing to do with me.  It has everything to do with you, your love, your families and friends.  I am merely a vessel, a vehicle for your love.  So, I get myself out of the way and let those greater forces take over.  With those powers at work, what enters in is a grace, an ease and a depth of emotion which is felt by everyone, including me!

Feedback over the years has affirmed again and again that couples and guests feel fabulous after your ceremony and go into your reception uplifted, inspired, relaxed and moved.  It starts your party off on a very high note. It just gets better from there!

When any of us can comfortably speak in public with love pouring through our veins generating even more love in our midst, we are blessed.  For me, it’s all because of you and the power of your love.