The Ceremony Tells The Story

Conducting and attending ceremonies are key to the human experience. Family and friends gather to congratulate and support the “honorees.”  We celebrate and bond during life’s greatest moments.  Your wedding ceremony is the climax, the crescendo, of a lengthy planning process! The day has come, everything is in position! Venue.  Flowers.  Cake.  Apparel.  Your guests are seated.  Your moment has arrived.  Now what?  What sort of mood do you want?  Something tiresome?  Something festive?  What tone of voice do you want to hear?  Monotone & parched, or engaging and humorous?  How do you want your guests to feel?  Indifferent or enthused? Height.  Width.  Depth.  Your ceremony deserves dimension. Your wedding tells a story.  Where you have been.  Who you are.  What your future holds.