Short and Sweet

To officiate a wedding ceremony for a couple is a great honor and delight!  Over the years I’ve “coached” many panicky brides and grooms who are nervous because they didn’t know how to begin, what they “should” do or “should” say at their wedding.  The standard timeline typically includes a welcome, a reading or two, an address from the officiant, the declaration of intent, the vows and exchange of rings, any add-ins (strictly up to the couple), the pronouncement and of course, the kiss! The truth is that five years after the ceremony no one may remember what you said, but they will remember the tone and feeling of the ceremony.  When done well, a ceremony renews and refreshes people in an emotional way.  The officiant’s words are not just for my couples but are also for family and friends and guests.  They are present as witnesses and play a role of honor throughout the ceremony.  Your ceremony needn’t feel like an “out of body experience!”