Selecting Your Officiant

Selecting the officiant is one of the most important decisions for your ceremony. But many times, this detail gets lost in the excitement of wedding planning. You want your ceremony to be memorable and meaningful, so it’s important to find the right person for you!

The officiant is as central to your day as the photographer or the caterer. Most professional officiants have performed hundreds of ceremonies and can guide you calmly through what can otherwise feel like a hectic process. Performing a ceremony successfully requires more than just standing up front and saying a few words. It involves being able to read the audience and change tones and delivery accordingly. It is being able to know beforehand what is going to flow and when to include tasteful, light-hearted material. The officiant is there to set the tone for the celebrations to follow. Finally, the officiant should realize that it is not about him/her or his/her soapbox, but it is about the couple and should include personable, solemn and enjoyable material that will cause your guests to say, “That was the best ceremony we have attended.”

Find an officiant with whom you can connect. Someone who listens, is flexible and can answer your questions. Can you write your own vows or add other special touches to the ceremony? Are you looking for a little humor in the ceremony? Can you use contemporary readings, or are religious or scripture readings required? Will they work with you to develop a ceremony that honors the religious traditions and beliefs of both families?

It is your day.  You should have a say in the details that are important to you.  Ideally, you should look for someone who best reflects your ideals and beliefs, an Officiant with the experience, with whom you can connect, who can work with you to create a ceremony that allows your love to shine through for all to see.