Taking the Fear out of Combining Traditions

Each culture and faith has its own special way of celebrating and honoring the combining of two lives, many of them traditions that have been passed from generation to generation. Brides and grooms today are finding each other across all kinds of religious and cultural divides and the rise of multicultural and interfaith weddings has led to beautiful new expressions of identity, culture and faith, as well as new sets of traditions.

When couples come from different cultural backgrounds, incorporating their individual traditions into the wedding events can be a connective thread linking both families together. Fusing traditions of old with modern adaptations can enhance and enrich an already beautiful event. Couples have the freedom to create a wedding that is as unique as they are.

 Many couples already know the traditions they would like to incorporate and can turn their focus to how best to weave them together. Talking with your families and your officiant is helpful to hear their thoughts and ideas about what might be included and in what order the ceremony should unfold. Officiants have a wealth of experience guiding couples through these choices. They may also have good perspectives on why holding onto or letting go of certain elements works – or doesn’t.  A little research about your culture or faith may reveal traditions that you would like to include or revive.  Whether it’s a custom from your own culture or one borrowed from another, so long as you find meaning in or feel a genuine connection to a custom, and approach incorporating it with respect, you won’t go wrong.